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Beginner’s guide to improving online security

Amid growing revelations of hacking and internet surveillance, improving online security is necessary for journalists and others who work with sensitive information. Here are our tips for how to get started.
Secrets of the Masters

‘I have never felt disadvantaged being a woman reporter’

Ritu Sarin describes her investigations of secret payments, hidden bank accounts and bugs planted in the Prime Minister's office - and explains why her gender never held her back as she rose to become a top editor in India.
Secrets of the Masters

'Capture the popular imagination'

Sheila Coronel describes how she uncovered a trail of money, mistresses and mansions that helped bring down a former president of the Philippines, and shares her vision for fostering investigative journalism among her students.
Secrets of the Masters

'Everyone can be an investigative journalist. Everyone!'

Inga Springe describes the challenges of creating the first investigative journalism center in the Baltics, as well as her groundbreaking investigations into organized crime and economic inequality.


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